Economical Estimation of the Maintenance of Distribution Transformers

A.S. Safigianni and V.A. Sarris (Greece)


Distribution transformers, scheduled maintenance, economical estimation


In this paper the scheduled maintenance of the distribution transformers (DTs) located at a specific geographical area of Greece is economically estimated, in order to arrive at a general conclusion. Specifically, by taking into account data of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) in the area of Xanthi, Greece, the cases of DTs requiring replacement, caused by lack of maintenance inside the three-year period 2003-2005, are identified. Further to, the cost per year required for the above replacements is calculated as well as the corresponding cost required for the scheduled maintenance of the DTs of the whole network of Xanthi, according to the PPC guidelines. By comparison of the above data, it is finally concluded that scheduled maintenance is, from an economical point of view, clearly more beneficial compared to the forced replacement of transformers, which suffer damage as a result of non-maintenance. The results arising from the study of the relatively small sample of DTs of the area of Xanthi acquire a special significance when expanded to include the great number of such transformers throughout the whole country.

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