Competitive Optimal Hydropower Scheduling from Strategy to Operation

M.M. Belsnes and O.B. Fosso (Norway)


Hydropower scheduling, optimization, deregulated market, bidding, long-term scheduling, short-term scheduling


The paper addresses the challenges of hydro power scheduling in a hydro-thermal market place. The proposed strategy for solving the hydro-thermal scheduling problem is applicable for systems with significant storage capacity. In such systems, the utilization of the hydro power resources in the market place is dependent on the long-term strategic decisions. Solving the operational tasks of bidding in the markets for energy and reserve calls for detailed scheduling models, while uncertain elements must be accounted for when the time horizon is longer. It is not feasible to have the short term decisions within the same model as the long-term decisions, since the need for modeling of uncertainty requires aggregation causing important details from a short-term perspective to be lost. Splitting the problem into decoupled sub-problems denoted as long-term-, mid term and short-term scheduling is suggested. The goal of this paper is to establish an overview and suggest how to obtain a consistent solution to the entire planning process. Methods for calculating a strategy 1-10 years ahead are suggested. However the main focus will be how to implement the strategy in the market. This process is often referred to as short-term generation scheduling and consists of bidding in the markets for energy and secondary reserve.

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