The Grounded Ducted Wind Turbine Exhausting into a Bluff Body Wake

D.P. Georgiou and N.G. Theodoropoulos (Greece)


Wind Turbine, Ducted Wind Turbine, Diffuser, Suction Pipe.


Ducted Wind Turbines have been the subject of numerous studies but the practical experience has been somewhat disappointing so far. The present study attempts, to evaluate the merits of these systems on a new basis, the “Grounded Ducted Wind Turbines (GDWT)”. The main objective centres around the efficiency and its functional relationship with the total pressure loss terms. The results indicate that the diffuser needs to be actively “controlled” so that its loss contribution is reduced drastically. The (GDWT) provides a viable alternative to the uplifted “Diffuser Enhanced” Wind Turbine concept. The present study conceders such a concept where the turbine exhaust exhausts into the wake region of a “Bluff Body” created by the blowing wind. This analysis shows that the power augmentation is proportional to the relative increase in mass flow through the rotor induced by the diffuser.

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