Wave Energy Power Take Off System Control and Simulation

Z. Zhoul, P.M. Holland (UK), W. Knapp (Germany), J. MacEnri (Ireland), H.Ch. Srensen, E. Friis-Madsen (Denmark), and P. Igic (UK)


Wave-Dragon, Wave Energy, control, and simulation


A wave energy power take off system control and simulation scheme is presented in this paper. The characteristics of low pressure hydro turbine are described. To achieve maximum efficiency, a variable speed control scheme using IGBT AC/DC converter for low-head hydro-turbine is described. The electrical system configuration, operation and grid connection issues are also discussed. Simulation model to investigate long electro-mechanical process is developed for simulating the generator-turbine starting-stop process. Effects of the water head on the torque, speed and output power are simulated. Simulation results are presented and discussed.

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