Combination of Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Gas Turbine

A. Srisiriwat (Thailand)


Waste heat recovery, Solid oxide fuel cell, Gas turbine


As there are many agricultural products, which are raw materials for ethanol fermentation process, in Thailand, a power generation by internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell (IRSOFC) fed by ethanol and gas turbine (GT) combined system has been proposed. SOFC is operated at high temperature, 1200 K, which is an advantage of SOFC system because of the waste heat recovery from SOFC being used to force fuel processing and suitable for combination with gas turbine. In this study, the effect of amount of water fed into ethanol steam reformer on the overall efficiency of IRSOFC and GT combined system has been investigated. The integrated process of steam reforming and SOFC was thermodynamically studied. The integration of IRSOFC - GT was found to improve the overall efficiency and electric power of system. The increase of water fed into reformer was found to increase the electrical power from SOFC but decrease the electrical power from GT efficiency and overall efficiency.

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