Preliminary Investigation of the Potential of Harnessing Tidal Energy for Electricity Generation in Malaysia

K.S. Lee and L.Y. Seng (Malaysia)


Computational Energy Fluid Generation Malaysia Tidal.


Malaysia is heavily dependent on fossil fuel for electricity generation. With the rapidly diminishing of its fuel reserve and the increasingly apparent negative effect of fossil fuels to climate changes, it has recently started exploring renewable energy, mainly bio-fuel and solar energy. However, the potential of harnessing ocean energy, such as tidal energy, in Malaysia has yet to be studied thoroughly. It is a promising form of renewable energy because of the cyclic, reliable and predictable nature and the vast energy contained within it. According to UK Department of Trade and Industry, 10% of the United Kingdom’s electricity needs could be met by tidal power. Philippine has installed tidal fences stretching across the straits of San Bernardino. Being a neighboring country, Malaysia may also have a huge potential for tidal energy. This paper provides the details of the investigations carried out to explore the potential of electricity generation using tidal energy at the ocean around Malaysia.

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