Analysis of a Three Part 230 kV Optical Voltage Transducer with Multiple Electric Field Sensors

M. Namedanian, M. Mozafari, and S.M. Razavi (Iran)


Optical Voltage Transducer, Electric Field Sensor, FLUX


Optical Voltage Transducer (OVT) is considered as a proper candidate for replacing the conventional inductive and capacitive transformers. The exact positioning of the electric field sensors are one of the important issues while designing an OVT. The three sensors of the OVT have been positioned according to quadrature method to satisfy the IEC 0.2% class specification. A three part OVT is designed and numerically analyzed by FLUX software and the results for different external perturbations are maintaining the 0.2% class accuracies for the given system. The advantages of using a three part OVT have been considered in this paper.

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