Performance Improvement using Assistance Converter on HVDC

D.-H. Kim, S.-J. Park, H.-K. Nam, H.-C. Lee, S.-G. Song, K.-H. Kim, and J.-H. Choi (Korea)


HVDC, primary and auxiliary AC/DC converters, 12-pulse bridge, ignition delay angle, power factor, fast voltage control


This paper presents a new AC/DC converter scheme for HVDC system to achieve a high power factor operation. The new AC/DC converter consists of two 12-pulse bridge converters in series: the primary and auxiliary converters. Ignition angles of the primary and auxiliary converters are controlled independently to maintain the nominal DC voltage and control auxiliary voltage. The resulted DC voltage obtained by superimposing the above two phase modulated voltages can be controlled very rapidly over a wide range, and a high power factor operation is achieved. Performance improvements in power factor and harmonic distortion are validated by theoretic derivations and simulations. With the proposed converters, investment for reactive power compensation and filter of HVDC system can be saved significantly.

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