Experimental Investigation of Short Circuit Condition in Low Voltage Distribution Networks

P.D. Bourkas, C.G. Karagiannopoulos, and P.T. Tsarabaris (Greece)


Short circuit condition, phase conductor, neutral conductor, Leakage current.


When a low voltage line in a distribution network fulfills the short-circuit condition, the short circuit occurrence has as a result the practically instantaneous (in fraction of the second) smelting of the protective fuse, so that the line conductors to be protected from overheating and no metal melts to be created from them. The leakage currents through conductors interlaced with tree branches are negligible and do not cause short circuit or increase of conductors temperature or fire ignition on the branches. During repeated conductive bridging between the municipal lighting conductor and phase conductor above this, with the municipal lighting operating or not, sparking was observed. The temperature of the conductors was not increased and no aluminum melts were created.

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