Recurrent Neural Approach for Solving Economic Dispatch Problems in Power Systems

D.H. Spatti and I.N. da Silva (Brazil)


Economic dispatch, artificial neural networks, Hopfield model, nonlinear optimization.


A neural approach to solve the problem defined by the economic load dispatch in power systems is presented in this paper. Systems based on artificial neural networks have high computational rates due to the use of a massive number of simple processing elements and the high degree of connectivity between these elements. The ability of neural networks to realize some complex nonlinear function makes them attractive for system optimization. The neural networks applyed in economic load dispatch reported in literature sometimes fail to converge towards feasible equilibrium points. The internal parameters of the modified Hopfield network developed here are computed using the valid-subspace technique. These parameters guarantee the network convergence to feasible quilibrium points. A solution for the economic load dispatch problem corresponds to an equilibrium point of the network. Simulation results and comparative analysis in relation to other neural approaches are presented to illustrate efficiency of the proposed approach.

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