Legal Aspects of Metrological Confirmation of Instruments for Measures of Power Quality

C. De Capua, A. Nizza, S. De Falco, and S. Amodio (Italy)



The transition to competitive electricity market, with the consequent growth in the number and type of players and the growing presence among users of technologically sophisticated equipment but sensitive to disturbances, we need to define and allocate costs and responsibility for the quality of delivery of electrical services at various levels of interaction between operators and users. Many, in fact, are the possible causes of disputes and conditions for non compliance, or considered such contractual clauses for the regulation of electricity, which covers the technical, legal and commercial supply of electric service and product power, must therefore provide appropriate tools to manage legal and technical-economic electric service, providing incentives to increase the level of quality and performance level penalising not acceptable. To complicate things, there is overlapping of roles between those who degrade the quality of the network and those suffering from its effects. The evolution of electrical equipment has produced increasingly sophisticated, but pose problems both as a source of disorder or as victims of non-power ideals. An analysis of the various solutions must be conducted having always in mind some simple reflections, mainly based on the concept that the rules serve if there are tools to verify its implementation, and if there are interests that robust demand respect.

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