Data Analysis for PES Applications: An Innovative use of Data Mining Techniques

F. Di Marino and A. Cavallaro (Italy)


Data mining, power energy systems


In this paper we analyze data mining methods and tools, highlighting the leading power system management applications where they are used. It's well-known that power energy system management requires handling an ever-growing amount of data coming from three main sources: • field data recording devices, distributed throughout the system; • centralized databases, storing data such as those coming from control SCADA systems; • data warehouses storing data from simulations made while planning or maintaining the system and its components. The goal is to extract the information from the large amount of data we have, developing the opportunities for wiser ways to support decision making and the starting point for data processing is the discover of the patterns to be searched for and the definition of the models to be extracted from data. Data patterns and model are difficult to be discovered and their detection requires complex calculus and thorough specific domain knowledge. Moreover, even if one is a good expert in the field, there are patterns and models that human brain is not well-suited to find.

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