An Evaluation of Gas Engines as Prime Movers in Cogeneration Systems for the Power Safety in Hospitals

J.S. Katsanis, P.T. Tsarabaris, P.G. Halaris, P.D. Bourkas, and G.N. Malahias (Greece)


Cogeneration, hospital, gas engine and power safety.


Hospitals are prime candidates for cogeneration since having a permanent demand for electricity, steam, hot water as also heating and cooling. Choosing cogeneration, a proven technology, as a standard solution for energy supply in hospitals could reduce the energy costs, increase the security of the supplies and at the same time improve hospitals environmental performance. Reciprocating engines are a proven technology with a range of size and the lowest first capital costs of all combined cooling, heating and power systems. Modern gas engines are designed to provide high output with fuel flexibility, low emission rates, high efficiency and high reliability. The security of electrical supply is of the utmost importance in hospitals since loss of power put patients currently undergoing critical procedures at risk. The supply of electricity is so crucial that a no-break and emergency power function will always be needed. Cogeneration using as prime movers modern gas engines can offer to hospitals good operating reliability allowing also for a range of different energy applications especially emergency or stand-by power supplies.

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