A Neurosurgical Training System Embedded on an Operating Microscope

A. De Mauro, J. Raczkowsky, R. Wirtz, and H. Wrn (Germany)


Virtual Reality, Training Systems, Neurosurgery.


The aim of this project is the development of a virtual reality training system for neurosurgical interventions. The realism of the simulation is provided by an accurate human tissue model, by the use of a force feedback device and, for the visual feedback by rendering the virtual scene directly to the oculars of the operating microscope. In neurosurgery, microscopes are regularly used for almost all interventions but there are currently only a few examples of virtual reality neurosurgical simulators which use force feedback; and for all of these the architecture employs either displays or Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and not a real surgical microscope. At our institute a prototype of a stereoscopic Augmented Reality (AR) microscope for ergonomic intra-operative presentation of complex preoperative three-dimensional data for neurosurgical interventions has been realized. This scientific work reuses a part of this existing AR platform (the image injection component) and is focused on developing a neurosurgical simulator for both educational and preoperative purposes, based on a virtual environment set up with reconstructed human organs, built from real patients’ images. This will be the first example of neurosurgical training system using a real operating microscope.

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