Simulation Results Regarding Harmonics Filtering, Reactive Power Compensation and Load Balancing on Power Loads

M. Panoiu, C. Panoiu, and I. Sora (Romania)


Power system modeling, power quality, harmonic filtering


The paper presents a study about the possibility of power quality improvement in case of nonlinear and unbalancing loads. Such a load is an ultra high power electric arc furnace (UHP EAF). The electric arc furnace is a very large power load, with negative effects on the power quality (harmonics currents, unbalanced load and reactive power). In this paper are use the results of simulation for the electrical installation of an UHP Electric Arc Furnace from an industrial plant. For simulation it was use an electric arc model, depending on the nonlinearity of the electric arc. The simulations are validating by measurements made in electrical installation of the EAF. It was propose a system for improvement the power quality. This system includes reactive power compensation, load balancing and harmonics filtering. Using simulation it was study the effect of this system and the interaction of the reactive power’s compensation, load balancing and harmonics current filtering.

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