The Development of a Virtual Synchrotron Light Source for Educational Applications

Y.-T. Liu, W. Tarng, C.-M. Lin, T.-C. Fan, K.-Y. Pan, and C.-W. Shiu (Taiwan)


Synchrotron light source, virtual reality, 3D modeling, and computer simulation


A synchrotron light source is a part of electromagnetic waves. At present, it has been applied in many fields of scientific researches, including advanced physics, chemistry, life science, materials science, environmental protection, nanotechnology and so on. It is also an important indicator of the high technology performance in many countries. The cultivation of excellent scientists in this area usually takes a long time of education and training, and it is often required to start from elementary school education. This research integrates the knowledge and concepts of synchrotron light source into the curriculum of Science and Life Technology in elementary schools by developing the virtual synchrotron light source model and its digital learning contents, hoping to increase the interest of elementary students in getting familiar with and learning this advanced technology.

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