A Comprehensive CFD Tool for the Analysis of ICES Powered by Bioethanol

A. Viggiano (Italy)


Bioethanol, Internal Combustion Engines, Emissions Con trol, Engine Efficiency


The final goal of this research work is the analysis of the performance of Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), powered by biofuels, by means of a comprehensive three dimensional numerical approach. This research theme is very encouraged by the Biofuels Directive 2003/30/CE, which sets at ¢¡¤£¥ §¦ the reference value of fuel market share for biofuels in 2010. As the directive of the Euro pean Community will be put into effect, engines should use biofuels in their pure form or blended with conventional fuels. Since the chemical and physical properties of biofu els are key factors for the optimization of ICE performance and the reduction of emissions, accurate fluid dynamics and chemical models are needed for a Computational Fluid Dy namics (CFD) analysis. Therefore, in this work a detailed kinetic mechanism for ethanol combustion is coupled with accurate and efficient CFD methodologies. The predictive power of this CFD tool is outlined. The software package is used to simulate an operating cycle of an HCCI engine powered by ethanol, thus showing the features of the com bustion process in such an engine.

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