A Kinetic Spatial Data Structure in Support of a 3D Free-Lagrangian Hydrodynamics Algorithm

L.H. Beni and M.A. Mostafavi (Canada)


3D Modeling and simulation, moving mesh, 3D Voronoi and Delaunay data structures, computational geometry


Despite the theoretical advantages of Free-Lagrange methods, their use has been handicapped with the reconstruction of topology of the underlying simulation mesh after each time-step that considerably reduces the efficiency of the method. This paper proposes a new Free Lagrange method based on the 3D kinetic Voronoi diagram and its dual, Delaunay tetrahedralization, for fluid flow simulation that offers an adaptive mesh in both time and space. The proposed method allows the mesh moves during the simulation and the connectivity of the mesh cells as well as their physical attributes are updated based on local adaptive time-steps. In addition, the use of an event-driven method allows solving some of the inherent problems to the application of the fixed time step in the existing methods such as overshoots, undershoots and undetected collisions in the mesh. In order to demonstrate the potentials of the proposed model, the method is applied to a hydrodynamics simulation problem.

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