Modelling of Consolidation Settlement Subjected to a Point Sink in an Isotropic Porous Elastic Half Space

J.C.-C. Lu and F.-T. Lin (Taiwan)


Mathematical Model, Groundwater Withdrawal, Consolidation Settlement, Golden Ratio


Based on Biot’s three-dimensional consolidation theory of porous media, analytical solutions of the transient consolidation deformation and excess pore water pressure due to a point sink in a saturated isotropic porous elastic half space are presented. Using Laplace and Hankel integral transform techniques, the closed-form solutions of horizontal and vertical displacements of the ground surface are derived. The study also addressed the distributions of excess pore water pressure of saturated half space based on the consolidation history. The consolidation settlement effected by consolidation parameters are illustrated and discussed. Numerical results show that the maximum surface horizontal displacement is around 30% of the maximum surface settlement. Moreover, the maximum long-term ground surface horizontal and vertical displacements are not directly dependent on the pumping depth. The study concludes that horizontal displacement is significant and should be considered in the prediction of the settlement induced by groundwater withdrawal.

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