The Use of By-Pass High-Frequency Channel in Feedback Control Systems

V.A. Zhmud, V.M. Semibalamut, A.A. Voevoda, and R.Yu. Ishimtsev (Russia)


Modelling, simulation, feedback control, regulators


The opportunities to increase the accuracy and speed of feedback control systems are often restricted by narrow band pass of the controlled object. In the high-frequency field the fading of the frequency response can be too abrupt, so it is impossible to provide wideband feedback control. Even the derivative feedback sometimes occurs not sufficient because of too high object order or too big noises level. The paper proposes approved by modeling a novel method to correct high-frequency object features by means of by-pass channel (BPC). This method allows expanding feedback band pass, which provides more deep disturbances suppressing and more precise control.

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