A Versatile Approach to Structural Identifiability Test of Linear Systems using Parameter Space Separators

T.V. Avdeenko (Russia)


Parameter identification, estimation, identifiability, linear systems


The problem of solution uniqueness to the task of determining unknown parameters of mathematical models from input-output observations is studied. This problem is known as structural identifiability problem. We offer a versatile approach to structural identifiability analysis including necessary and sufficient conditions for both local and global identifiability test and also various procedures for eliminating all kinds of nonidentifiability. The approach compares favourably with numerous methods proposed by other authors, because it does not involve unfeasible symbolic computations and thus allows testing structural identifiability of large dimensional models of practical interest. For global analysis we offer very promising concept of parameter space separators that can be used to eliminate global nonidentifiability. In this paper we present an efficient computer algebra method of constructing weak separators and testing if they are true.

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