OSOITE: Towards Real-World Search

N. Thepvilojanapong, M. Iwai, K. Yamada, Y. Shiraishi, K. Takashio, K. Umeda, Y. Tamura, and Y. Tobe (Japan)


Modelling, estimation, realworld search, sensor networks.


This paper proposes a new architecture called Overlay network Search Oriented for Information about Town Events (OSOITE). OSOITE aims at providing users of per sonal devices with information about secure and safe ac tions in a usual urban life as well as in an emergency by utilizing the real-world overlay sensor networks. Specif ically, we provide the users with alarms in a background and safe navigation based on the extracted high level infor mation obtained with search in different types of database including real-time sensed data. Preliminary experiments using OSOITE prototype have been conducted, and the re sults are reported in the paper.

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