SDL Formalization of a Hydrologic Model

J. Lpez, P. Fonseca I Casas, and J. Casanovas (Spain)


Hydrologic Model, Discreet Simulation, Formalization SDL, Cellular Automata.


This paper presents the formalization of a river basin model using SDL formalism. Different approaches have been used to represent this kind of hydrologic systems. Our approach uses the cellular automaton structure, with the goal of simplify the simulation of the behavior of the water in a river basin. The use of SDL formalism simplifies the understanding of the behavior thanks to its graphical structure. The model works with variables like: rainfall, soil loss and evapotranspiration which are calculated for each cell in the area of interest. Since the area of interest is the Llobregat River, in the south of Europe, is needed to obtain the data from the different institutions (geographical and hydrological institutions that manage the natural resources of the area). A research is conducted to analyze the institutions that administer the needed data and the formats used to store and manage this data.

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