A Multi Agent System for Hazardous Material Transport Management

V. Di Lecce, A. Amato, F. De Luca, A. Giove, and M. Calabrese (Italy)


Hazardous Material, Multi Agent System, GPS, Artificial Intelligence.


In recent years transport has emerged as one of the most important issues in the ITC market. The birth and the exponential growth of new technologies have given way to the creation of support systems for transport management and control. The proposed approach is based on a five-level multi agent system (MAS). It allows for the implementation of an intelligent control system, capable of interpreting the information obtained real time by vehicles carrying materials, subject to specific regulations, and therefore correlating these data with the information within the intelligence base of the system (which evolves dynamically and autonomously) and recognizing the alarm situations. Another relevant task of the proposed system is identifying the most appropriate route to follow, while evaluating the main vulnerability and criticality factors of the territory.

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