Integration and Coordination of Multirefinery Networks: A Robust Optimization Approach

K. Al-Qahtani and A. Elkamel (Canada)


Planning under uncertainty, robust optimization, multisite coordination.


This paper considers the problem of multisite integration and coordination strategies within a network of petroleum refineries under uncertainty and using robust optimization techniques. The framework of simultaneous analysis of process network integration, originally proposed by Al Qahtani & Elkamel [1], is extended to account for uncertainty in model parameters. Robustness is analyzed based on both model robustness and solution robustness, where each measure is assigned a scaling factor to analyze the sensitivity of the refinery plan and integration network due to variations. Parameters uncertainty considered include coefficients of the objective function and right-hand-side parameters in the inequality constraints. The proposed method makes use of the Sample Average Approximation (SAA) method with statistical bounding techniques. The proposed approach was tested on an industrial scale study of a network of refineries.

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