Non-Rigid Multimodal Registration using Finite Elements Method and Mutual Information for 3D Medical Imagery

F.T. Adnriamanampisoa, J.P. Jessel (France), and S. Rakotondraompiana (Madagascar)


Registration, finite elements method, mutual information, medical imaging, 3D images.


Based on the isotropic linear elastic material model, one can get a good non-rigid registration result. This modelling permits to get image regularization features. However, the Mattes et al. mutual information [1] is reputed to do a multimodal registration. Besides, its use for the registration of images in the same modality but in low resolutions, as the Positron Emission Tomography (PET), gives some good results. This paper deals with a fully non-rigid automatic registration. We propose a combination of the elastic material model, the finite elements method and the use of the mutual information as a very attractive way to make a non-rigid registration. We have made an implementation based on this approach with 3D medical images.

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