Modeling of Biogas Generation in Bioreactor Landfills using Neuro-Fuzzy System

M.S. Abdallah, L. Fernandes, and M.A. Warith (Canada)


Neuro-fuzzy model, biogas generation, and bioreactor landfills


Biogas generation in anaerobic bioreactor landfills is modeled using the neuro-fuzzy system. The implemented inference system was an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). The fuzzy logic controller featured a Multi-Input-Single-Output (MISO) structure in which time, leachate recirculation, and sludge addition were set as the controlled input variables. Biogas generation was the only manipulated output variable. The experimental data used in the study were obtained from earlier publications that involved lab scale anaerobic bioreactors operated under different rates of leachate recirculation and sludge addition. The selected data sets were employed in training, verifying, and validating the neuro-fuzzy inference system. The model simulated the actual experimental data quite successfully; however, some differences occurred in the validation process. The model achieved acceptable statistical measures which attested its potentials in predicting biogas generation in bioreactor landfills.

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