Modelling, Simulation and Workspace Analysis of a 3D Cable based Robot

J. Hamedi and H. Zohoor (Iran)


Modelling, simulation, applied wrench, workspace, and cable based robot


This article proposes modelling, simulation and applied wrench workspace analysis of a 3D cable based robots which are consist of six cables are studies. After modelling, the kinds of workspace are defined then an available static combined workspace for different geometric structures of fixed and moving platform is obtained. This workspace is defined as the situations of reference point of the moving platform (center of mass) which under external forces such as weight and with ignorance of inertial effects, the end effector should be in static equilibrium under conditions that length of all cables must not be exceeded from the maximum value and all of cables must be at tension (they must have non negative tensions). Then the affect of various parameters such as the size of moving platform, the size of fixed platform, geometric configuration of robots, magnitude of applied forces and moments to workspace of these robots with different geometric configuration are investigated. Obtained results should be effective in employing these robots under different conditions of applied wrench for increasing the workspace volume.

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