Mathematical Model of a Sensorless BLDC Motor for Aerospace Actuators

V. Hubik, M. Sveda, and V. Singule (Czech Republic)


Actuator, aerospace, BLDC motor, brushless drive, mod elling, sensorless control.


Implementation of any new technology in the aerospace in dustry makes strict demands on the safety and reliability of on-board equipment. Before application onboard the air craft, many simulations and tests have to be performed to prove the reliability and usability of any newly developed equipment. An essential part of the development cycle is computer modeling and simulation, which considerably ac celerates development and reduce time-to-market. Effort is being aimed at replacement of existing hydraulic actua tors by intelligent electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical acuating devices. A fundamental element that drives the EHA/EMA actuator is the BLDC motor. This article deals with the simulation of the behaviour of the BLDC motor and summarises the first results obtained during develop ment of control algorithms.

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