Simulations of 3D Flow and Sediment Transport in a Fishway

W.-Y. Chang, H.-C. Lien, L.-C. Lee, W.-F. Tsai, J.-S. Lai, Y.-C. Tan, and W.-D. Guo (Taiwan)


Two-phase flow, modelling, surface capturing method, sediment transport and fishway


A 3D two-phase flow numerical model based on the large eddy simulation is developed to deal with the free surface problems by using the surface capturing method. In addition, the advection-diffusion equation is incorporated into the model to deal with the sediment transport problems. For validations, the analytical solutions of re suspended sediment concentration distributions by Hjemfelt and Lenau (1970), and the measured data of deposited sediment concentration distributions by Jobson and Sayre (1970) are employed for comparisons. Then, this numerical model is used for simulation of 3D flow and sediment transport in a fish-bone-type fishway. The flow patterns and sediment transport processes in a fish bone-type fishway are illustrated.

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