Analysis of a Commercial Absorption-Refrigeration Water-Ammonia (ARWA) Cycle using Aspen Plus Simulator

N.A. Darwish, S.H. Al-Hashimi, and A.S. Al-Mansoori (UAE)


Absorption; Refrigeration; Ammonia; water; Aspen; Simulation; COP


The Robur absorption-refrigeration-water-ammonia (ARWA) cycle is analyzed using Aspen Plus flowsheet simulator. The results are compared with experimental and some manufacturer data reported in the open literature. Among performance parameters analyzed are: coefficient of performance (COP), heat duties of the evaporator, absorber, and the condenser, refrigerant concentration in the weak and strong solution, and flow rates of the weak solution and the flow rate of refrigerant passing through the evaporator. In general, a very good agreement between the simulator’s results and the experimental measurements was found. Also, results obtained for the effect of generator (input) heat duty on the COP agree well with the reported experimental data with a maximum percentage deviation of 1.8%. Efficiency of the generator in splitting off the refrigerant at the column top is shown to be of crucial importance; COP increased by 15% in going from one to five theoretical equivalent mass transfer stages in the generator.

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