Application of the Level Set Method for a Cavity-Filling Simulation

A.E. Varela (Venezuela)


Level set, cavity filling, injection molding, Multiphysics.


Injection molding of thermoplastics involves complex fluid flow and heat transfer processes. Simulation of the filling and packing stages are very important for the prediction of the final properties of the molded part. This paper presents a simulation of the filling stage in polystyrene injection by an application of the level set method along with a continuous reinitialization function. In order to determine the location of the advancing polymer melt, the process is assumed to be two-phase flow in two dimensions. The model includes the Navier Stokes equations and level set equations. Temperature distribution is estimated from the solution of the convection-conduction heat balance equation in a three dimensional geometry. These equations are solved using PDE solver from Comsol Multiphysics. The proposed methodology can be improved by the application of level set, Navier-Stokes and heat transfer equations to a three dimensional geometry.

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