Simulation and Analysis using a Process Centric Activity Model to Achieve Business Process Excellence

C.Y. Lam, W.H. Ip, and L. Wang (PRC)


BPR, SCM, Discrete Modeling, Process Centric


The success and degree of excellence that a business can achieve greatly depends on the business process flow that the enterprise adopts, where the more efficient and effective the process flow, the greater the degree of excellence the business can achieve. In analyzing the business process, most conventional methodologies focus only on the qualitative approach, which lacks a solid measurement to evaluate the business process. In order to have better process improvement and move towards business process excellence, a quantitative approach using process centric activity modeling that is described in this paper can be applied. This involves the use of the Boolean adjacent matrix that can explicitly determine whether there is any inefficient and ineffective activity looping in the business process. If there is, it can be eliminated, then the business process can be implemented more effectively. In this paper, a simulation of the process centric activity modeling is proposed and applied to a typical purchasing business process activity. Satisfactory results have been achieved with this modeling method.

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