Simulation-based Proof of Concept for an Innovative Stock Approach at the Airport Logistics

W. Dangelmaier and C. Laroque (Germany)


Simulation study, application, airport logistics, d³FACT insight


This paper describes the successful implementation of a simulation study with the material flow simulator d³FACT insight, developed at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn, Germany. Designed as a AS-IS versus TO-BE–comparison, an innovative stock approach for the Cargo-area in the airport logistics (revolver stock) was ensured and set in contrast to existing classic approaches (lifter-concept). By this, the superiority of the revolver-stock concept could be shown and proven and additional information about the material flow control in such systems were derived. Today, the results of the simulation study are widely used by the application partner to help convincing the possibilities of the revolver-stock as well as in its external communication with customers.

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