An Integrated Visual Terminal Modelling for Electronic Money

C.-G. Lim, K.C. Kim, and S.-S. Choi (Korea)


Electronic Money, u-Payment, Integrated Visual Terminal, ubiquitous, Computer Science and Technology


Our purpose is to propose a model of an integrated visual terminal for electronic money, which is a hot issue in Korea. Although numerous studies have attempted to develop various services in ubiquitous environment, there has been minimal research regarding u-Payment. The integrated visual terminal should fulfill commercial transactions occurred at on-line and off-line with various devices and ways in ubiquitous environment. We follow KSX6925, KSX6926, ISO/IEC 7816/14443, and EMV in accordance with the national standard for the terminal we develop. This paper focuses on taking a side view of service, system design, and software design. In particular, by the proposed terminal with standard Web, we provide a low-priced terminal to small businesses.

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