Variogram Analysis According to Feature Characteristics in Urban Remote Sensing

H.-Y. Yoo and K. Lee (Korea)


high resolution imagery, urban, range, sill, variogram


In this study, we analyze urban characteristics using three variogram model; exponential, Gaussian and spherical model. Variogram modeling is accomplished with eight models, which can be seen in the urban area. As a result of simple model test, the sill reflects the density of buildings and feature size and spacing are reflected in range. Especially, the ranges of Gaussian model and spherical model reflect well the size of features. Variograms of real satellite images are analyzed with reference to the result of model test. This study shows that variogram can be used for an index to express the characteristics of urban imagery as well as conventional kriging and simulation; moreover, it will be expected to apply to decide the optimized analysis zone in urban area.

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