Related Pre and Post-Processing for All-Intra and Inter-Picture Coding

K. Sugiyama, N. Sagara, and S. Moriya (Japan)


Pre-processing; Post-processing; Temporal filter; Error cancellation; Motion compensation


In picture coding, a pre-processing and a post-processing are very popular to reduce noise and artifacts of coding. As the results of filtering, they can improve a subjective picture quality. However, they are applied independently, and, total performance of coding is not considered. We propose a related pre and post-processing which can improve total coding efficiency. In proposed method, motion compensated inter-frame processing are used to cancel quantization error of coding. In this method, information of inter-frame processing is not transmitted. Therefore, the proposed method is applicable for a current coding system and high accuracy motion compensation can be used. In this report, we apply this method to all intra coding and GOP border of inter-picture coding. As the results of the experiments, we recognize the improvement of PSNR and subjective picture quality.

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