Aerosol Optical Depth Spatial Variation as Sensed by a Sunphotometer and Compared to a Fixed Aeronet Station

A. Bonilla and H. Parsiani (USA)


Remote Sensing, Aerosol, Depth, AERONET, Sunphotometer


A sunphotometer (SPM) is able to measure Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) at five wavelengths. The Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) [1] uses a more sophisticated equipment (CIMEL) to measure AOD as well as to calculate Aerosol Size Distribution (ASD). The latter parameter is essential in Regional Atmospheric Models (RAMs) to help along with other parameters to predict the weather changes more accurately [2]. In this work, the data on AOD as measured by spatially moving SPM are compared with a fixed AERONET station. A track of about 20 miles has been used for this experiment, which covers the distance from the closest AERONET site and the UPRM LIDAR site. The error in AOD measurements over this distance was very negligible. This permits valid measurements of AOD using SPM for the complete region during cloudy days at locations within the region with smallest clear skies.

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