Performance Analysis for DOA Estimation using the Prime Algorithm

Z. Aliyazicioglu, H.K. Hwang, Y. Feng, and J. Ibera (USA)


Antenna arrays, Direction-of-arrival estimation, Array signal processing


Accurate estimation of the direction of arrival (DOA) of signals can be achieved by using the modern technology of phase array antenna and advanced signal processing algorithms. This paper presents the performance analysis of the PRIME (Polynomial Roots Intersection for Multi dimensional Estimation) algorithm. PRIME is an extension of Root MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification) which simultaneously estimates the elevation and azimuth angles of a signal. Two independent equations are needed to estimate the signal’s elevation and azimuth angles. We resent two different methods to generate the two independent equations: (1) The subset approach (2) The full array approach. Performance parameters such as standard deviations of the angle error are compared with different approaches. Extensive computer simulations are used to demonstrate the performance of the algorithms.

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