Optimizing Estimation Target's Direction of Arrival after Suppression Disturbances with Far Distance Cell's Data

R. Gui (PRC, Germany)


estimation of DOA, MUSIC algorithm, suppressing RFI, eigendecomposition


The paper proposes one processing method of optimizing estimation of direction of arrival (DOA) by utilizing long distance cell’s data to suppress radio frequency interference (RFI). After exploiting long distance cell’s data to acquire the eigenvector of RFI signal and construct the subspace of RFI signal, we can project the data of distance cell to be tested onto the subspace of RFI signal. Then the result of projection is subtracted from the data of distance cell to be tested. So RFI signal can be suppressed. We utilize the method of DOA estimation based on MUSIC algorithm to process the data in two cases, i.e. one without suppressed RFI and the other with suppressed RFI, and compare the results of the DOA estimation in the two cases. The feasibility of the processing method is proved by the results of simulation.

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