Performance Analysis of Crosstalk Precoding Algorithms in the Presence of Crosstalk Channel Errors

Y. Li, Y. Yu, and R. Wang (PRC)


Digital subscriber line, crosstalk cancellation, channel estimation errors, achieve rate


Crosstalk is the major limiting factor affecting the achieve rate of VDSL/VDSL2 system. Several crosstalk precoder and canceller methods have been proposed respectively for downstream and upstream transmission, which are based on the assumption that we known the crosstalk channel matrices on each tone. In practice, however, these matrices are estimated from training data. This paper first considers the performance analysis of the proposed method when the estimated crosstalk channel matrices have errors and discusses how these errors affect the performance of the proposed methods. The explicit expressions of the achieve rate for different algorithms in the presence of estimation errors are derived, some useful conclusions are obtained from computer simulation results.

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