Joint Nonlinear Inversion of TE and TM Polarization of Multi-Frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Data

A. Abubakar, M. Li, T.M. Habashy (USA), and P.M. van den Berg (The Netherlands)


Inverse Scattering, Iterative Technique, Contrast Source, Multiplicative Regularization


This paper presents a joint inversion algorithm for inverting multi-frequency TM and TE electromagnetic scattered field data, measured by the Institute Fresnel, Marseille, France, from cylindrical objects. The inversion algorithm is based on what is known in the literature as the Multiplicative Regularized Contrast Source Inversion (MR-CSI) method. The results show that the MR-CSI method successfully performs ‘blind’ inversion of a wide class of scattered field data. Further, we also show that by jointly inverting both TM and TE data, a more accurate reconstructed image can be obtained.

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