Improvement of the Successive Projection Method to Design FIR Filters with Equiripple Responses

Y. Sugita, T. Hiramatsu, and T. Yoshikawa (Japan)


FIR Filters, Equiripple Response, Successive Projections Method, Complex Chebyshev Approximation


This paper describes an improvement of successive projec tions (SP) to design FIR filters with an equiripple response. The filters obtained using the previous SP method always satisfy the given specifications. However, the frequency re sponse of the obtained filters is not necessarily equiripple. In the proposed method, the average of the local maximum values of the error function in the nth iteration step in the SP method is selected as the allowable deviation in the next iteration. The algorithm is iterated until the absolute value of the error between the desired frequency response and designed response becomes equiripple.

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