Geometric Properties of Random Arrays for Beamforming

L. del-Val, A. Izquierdo, J.J. Villacorta, M.I. Jimnez, and M. Raboso (Spain)


Array Signal Processing, Array geometry, Sidelobe Level Performance.


Several techniques of array design have been developed during last decades. First, these techniques were based on the adjustment of sensor excitations. But there are also techniques, based on the design of array geometry, that offer better results, especially when the objective is a sidelobe level improvement. As it is known, there is a relation between sensor positions in the array, and its sidelobe level, so this relation has been studied in depth, in order to use it in specific applications. In fact, this paper studies the relation between some geometric features of an array, and the sidelobe level of its beampattern, in order to develop new techniques of array geometry design. The geometric features taken into account are the standard deviation, the maximum and the minimum sensor spacing.

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