Analysis of the Invariance Hypothesis on Cardioid-Patterned Sensor Arrays

L. del-Val, A. Izquierdo, J.J. Villacorta, M.I. Jimnez, and M. Raboso (Spain)


Array Signal Processing, Directive Sensor, Beamforming.


Due to the widespread use of sensor arrays, a great variety of design techniques have been developed, by means of an adjustment of the sensor excitation and/or the sensor positions. It has been observed that most of these techniques work under the assumption of invariance of the beampattern, in the sen(θ) domain, on arrays formed by omnidirectional sensors. Therefore these design techniques are defined only for arrays pointing to broadside. As directional sensor arrays are highly used, invariance hypothesis is no longer valid. This paper studies the influence of the use of directional sensors, on the array beampattern, in order to show if the effects, caused on the pattern, should be taken into account during the design process of such arrays.

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