Architecture of Mixed Radix Number System - A New Approach of Designing Digital Filter

S. Maitra and A. Sinha (India)


TBNS, SDTBNS, RNS, MRNS, DFT, DIT, FIR filter, look-up-table for SDTBNS to MRNS and vice-versa .


Computational complexities are the major drawbacks of the current signal processing system for arithmetic operations like addition , multiplication , logarithmic operation etc. in terms of system performance and hardware requirement. There are some methods which help to perform addition easily but multiplication needs a large number of hardware and excessive time where as with the help of some other methods we can perform multiplication easily but addition take a large number of hardware and large time. In this paper , we explain a new concept of RNS which helps to perform multiplication and addition of two or more numbers(integers or fractions) with more easy and less timing. Here we have also established some rules on RNS which are very useful in case of addition or multiplication. We also explain the architecture of Mixed Radix Number System(MRNS) and its application in digital signal processing specially in filter design and compare its advantages over SDTBNS. How multiplication and addition can be performed with less number of hardware and less timing using the architecture of MRNS, have also been dealt here. A new approach to convert any number from SDTBNS to RNS and vice-versa have been explained here with less complexities.

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