An Efficient Face Image Retrieval through DCT Features

A. Mohamed, Y. Weng, J. Jiang, and S. Ipson (UK)


Content-based image retrieval, JPEG, Discrete cosine transforms, Feature extraction.


This paper proposes a new simple method of DCT feature extraction that utilize to accelerate the speed and decrease storage needed in image retrieving process by the aim of direct content access and extraction from JPEG compressed domain. Our method extracts the average of some DCT block coefficients. This method needs only a vector of six coefficients per block over the whole image blocks In our retrieval system, for simplicity, an image of both query and database are normalized and resized from the original database based on the cantered position of the eyes, the normalized image equally divided into non overlapping 8X8 block pixel Therefore, each of which are associated with a feature vector derived directly from discrete cosine transform DCT. Users can select any query as the main theme of the query image. The retrieval images is the relevance between a query image and any database image, the relevance similarity is ranked according to the closest similar measures computed by the Euclidean distance. The experimental results show that our approach is easy to identify main objects and reduce the influence of background in the image, and thus improve the performance of image retrieval.

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