Tour into the Picture Simplified (TIPS) 3D Walkthrough from Single Image using Cuboid Mesh

S. Mohan and S. Murali (India)


Tour into the picture, Image based modeling, cuboid mesh, perspective rectification, vanishing point


Tour into the picture (TIP) is a well known method proposed by Horre et al to generate walk through from single image. It involves quite a lot of manual interaction to mark the foreground and the background objects. The user is expected to draw a spidery mesh which is complex in computation. We are proposing a method to draw a cuboid mesh to define the 3D scene which is interactive and simple. On the other side, the surfaces which are perspective in the image are rectified to a fronto-parallel view using projective transformation. Finally this is superimposed on the wireframe generated using cuboid mesh. Since the surfaces are rectified piece wise and the user interaction kept minimum, the results are significant compared to the existing methods.

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