Improvements and Comparisons of Data Embedding Techniques in Error Resilient Transmission of JPEG Images

D.-F. Shen and K.-L. Hsu (Taiwan)


Data Embedding, reversible, difference expansion, Error Resilient, JPEG, 1C1B, image.


Data embedding based error resilient technique is an effective method to maintain image/video quality when error occurs. In this paper, we modify the Difference Expansion (DE) based 2P1B in pixel domain and propose the 2C1B and 3C2B in DCT domain. We then jump out the DE concept and adopt the simple Bit Concatenation (BC) concept by proposing BC based 1C1B (one Coefficient embed one Bit) scheme. 5 data embedding techniques both reversible and irreversible are then compared for their Rate-Distortion performance in error resilient JPEG transmission. Experiments show that the proposed 1C1B technique with modified Huffman Table outperforms others in Rate-Distortion sense (Bits-Rate vs. PSNR) when error occurs.

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