Iterative Linear Matrix Inequality based PID Controller for Load-Frequency Control of a Single-Area Power System

M.M. Al-Harthi (Saudi Arabia)


Iterative LMI, Load Frequency Control, Robust, Ziegler Nichols.


This paper describes and provides the design of two iterative Static Output Feedback based PID controllers. The first design presents the Iterative PID (IPID) that guarantees the stability of the closed-loop system. In the second, a robust Iterative PID based on H∞ specifications (IPIDHI) is investigated where the system performance is improved via minimization of the disturbance effect on the system output. The Iterative Linear Matrix Inequality (ILMI) technique is used to find the feedback gains of the PID controller. The proposed design technique is applied to the load frequency problem of a single-area power system. The effects of tuning the ILMI parameters on the system dynamic response are given and discussed. The system performance against step load change and wide parameters variation is demonstrated using simulation and a comparative study with Ziegler-Nichols (PIDZN) design method. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the IPID and IPIDHI over PIDZN.

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